Friday, May 13, 2016

Dallas Vice

Log Line: Don't think, take action.

Treatment: Dallas vice, with many themes from hamlet, Detective Ghost-Dad is put on a case with a new partner, Detective Ham. They have to find the cartel boss "snake" Ghost-Dad teaches Ham how to think less and act more, getting them into all sorts of trouble. When they find snake, They find out that snake is actually the Chief, and Ham's inability to act leads to disaster.

Shot list:
BTWHSPVA - Police station shots
Uptown - Theme and clue finding
RED Parking Garage - Rosin & Guild scene, Final Confrontation

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brain Drain for Sight of Sound Film Competition - Peer Gent: Ase's Death

Romance, love, perfection, passion, time is endless in each others arms.
Excruciating pain
Sword stabbing through heart, pain that seemingly will never heal, suffocation.
Substance abuse, stages of grief, murder of loved one

hiding of body

not as much grief


no emotion

over it. moved on.

person is still alive, was only a vision, or metaphor for how he got over the pain.


happiness in other things.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Generation Hex Movie Poster - Miles Sullivan

This is a smaller version of the poster I made for Annabel Puff's Film that I think I'm Crewing on. Its about teenage witches in a drama filled world.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Film Series Review - Hannibal

Hannibal is a Thriller/Suspense/Horror television series that is the prequel to the critically acclaimed hollywood movie Silence of the Lambs. With its blend of masterful story telling, Incredible character development, Sneaky pokes at original movies, and stunning cinematography, it makes one of my favorite Television series. With only 2 seasons out, and more to come, the series has captivated my imagination and continues to stun me regularly. Although the Drama lacks comedy, which I am an avid fan of, it would be inappropriate to the theme, so I let it slide. Hannibal is the epitome of quality Dramatic television to me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get lost in a creepy, intriguing, and captivating storyline.


-Miles Sullivan

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Director Review - Quentin Tarantino - Django Unchained

                 Django Unchained is one of my favorite movies, a movie set in a time in american history that is often not looked at critical enough. Quentin Tarantino does a spectacular job of making the civil war era not only funny and intriguing, but absolutely terrifying in the fact that that is how humans acted towards one another. The characters completely drive the plot with their unique personalities and wonderful chemistry between eachother. The satirical movie is filled with such realism at times that it does feel real.
                 The movie is also riddled with metaphors, The story of Django Unchained is basically a re-enactment of the German Story of Brunhilde, Which is referenced many times through out the movie. Django trains as a bounty hunter and travels through a southern hell to retrieve his wife Brunhilde, who is owned by a one Mr. Candy. Just as in the german tale, A man trained as a knight to retrieve the princess Brunhilde ant the top of a mountain surrounded in fire, and protected by a dragon.
                  Django Unchained is a beautiful mixture of spaghetti western, and classical Quentin Tarantino action movies. Filled with Gun fights and tricky situations, storytelling and romance, comedy and horror, Django Unchained is a very well rounded movie. Also a personal favorite.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Silent Era of Film (Miles Sullivan Film 3rd)

Films used to be black and white and synced to no sound at all except possibly music. Recording voices was impossible in the earlier stages of the film industry. Silent Films had a very big aspect to them, without voices, the actors and actresses had to exaggerate their actions in order to make a clear story. One of the Most famous film makers of all time, Charlie Chaplin, Started out when film was still silent, and even though his movies wowed the audiences, people grew tired of no voices. With the introduction of a "Vitaphone" system which can record and sync voices to film, Movies began to have words in them, they were known as "Talkies". Talkies became increasingly more and more popular until Silent movies just weren't in the picture anymore. Sadly, It is estimated that over 70% of American Silent Films have been lost forever.